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The year is 2021. It is a time of great innovation and technological advancement. It is also a time of chaos and conspiracies: a time of financial meltdown across the world, a time of mass population displacement, and a time when the rich are becoming immensely richer and more powerful and more fearful by the day. In 2021, corporations have more power than any government on the planet. These corporations have bankrupted the governments and have made them subservient to the interests of the moneyed elite. The final merging of One World Government is finally upon us.

The concepts of democracy and freedom will have disappeared only to be replaced by a high-tech dictatorship based on surveillance, monitoring, mass-media indoctrination, police oppression and a radical division of social classes. The vast majority of the citizens live in third-world country conditions and are constantly subjected to poverty, famine, sickness and extermination.

By 2036, world’s population explosion will go to 10 billion. By 2036, nearly 2/3 of the world’s population will be living in areas of water-stress. This is not a mere conspiracy theory, as the New York Times has suggested. All of this is spelled out in a 91-page TheStrategic Trends 2007-2036 report, 
the backbone of the United Kingdom’s Defense policy. Faced with a severe global economic downturn, transmitted throughout the globalized economy, could result in a breakdown of the international political system and complete economic collapse.

The report goes on to say “With the destruction of nation-state republics and the creation of mega-economic blocks, which are linked to each other through a globalized marketplace, independent countries will be replaced by Mega-Cities with population bases of over 30 million people which will already have experienced endemic lawlessness and high levels of violence.”

The COVID crisis has provided a pretext for finally enacting the kind of institutional changes and convergence of economic, monetary, technological, genomic, environmental, military, and governance systems that will lead to One World Order the global elite plan to execute via The Great Reset.

The Great Reset would involve vast transformations in each of these domains, changes which, will not only alter our world but also lead us to, according to World Economic Forum, “to question what it means to be human.”

The Great Reset specifically entails “the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” or transhumanism, which includes the expansion of genomics, nanotechnology, robotics, advances in genetic engineering and the fusion of humanity and post-humanity into creating a new, hybrid Homo Supremo. We are being led towards the increasingly centralized, coordinated, and expanded supra-government, the convergence of corporations and states, total surveillance with the use of 5G and predictive algorithms and real-time tracking.

And thus, we’re now at a point, where either the people win, and restore the kind of government we need globally. Or this world is going to go into Hell, because the crisis won’t quit. The people will die of hunger, they will die in increasing numbers; they will kill for food, for shelter and out of sheer desperation. The structure of society will be destroyed. And therefore, either we win this fight against this evil, or there won’t be anything to fight for.

Webinar talking points

  • What do the globalists have in store for us?
  • Order out of chaos
  • What does it mean to “own nothing”?
  • Lockdowns, riots and corporate socialism
  • Why are small and medium sized businesses being deliberately destroyed?
  • Transfer of wealth from us to them. What must we do so survive?
  • The weaponization of COVID
  • Big Data and counterrevolution 4.0
  • Prison-planet and the New World Order
  • Big Brother and Total Control Grid
  • Transhumanism and the Great Reset
  • The new evolution, Homo Sapiens vs Homo Supremo
  • Post-humanity, us vs them
  • Nanotechnology applied to human cognition and control
  • Virtual (new) reality world, brainwashing and the 6th techno paradigm
  • Technological breakthroughs: who can buy longevity? (living to 150 years old)
  • Psychotronic weapons – replacing memories in the human brain
  • Minority Report becomes a reality by 2025
  • Neuro-technology revolution and Full Specturm Dominance
  • Global Police State and technologies of human control
  • Big Pharma and Super Soldiers
  • Humans 2.0 – predicting human behavior
  • Human Brain Project and implantable microchips
  • Human augmentation – where are they leading us?
  • Remote Neural Monitoring and Man Digital 2.0
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