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The Second (2nd) Amendment Explained. ​

This is not an anti-gun diatribe, says Mason Scott (… Much of the misconception stems from conceiving the purported “right” for civilians to bear arms as a precondition for civil liberties and a secure / safe citizenry.

The gist of the statement–a single sentence–could not possibly be more plain

It regards the need for civic service in a government-regulated civilian militia for the purpose of protecting the State from domestic insurrection and/or foreign incursion.


At the end of the day, an abiding obsession with GUN rights trumps any concern for HUMAN rights.  Packing heat is not a civic act, let alone an act of humanity; rather, it is an attempt to burnish one’s own self image…and, the hope is, to forge a sense of camaraderie with fellow travelers in this big, dangerous world.  This neurosis quickly translates to ideology…and eventually to cult-like activity.  (Militia groups are often RELIGIOUS in some way.)   The first step in addressing this collective pathology is debunking myths about the 2nd Amendment.  The next step is disabusing ourselves of the star-spangled semiotics of super-patriotism–wherein men are moved to fashion themselves as modern-day buccaneers.

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