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Cary Harrison was spawned from the Mayflower and Abe Lincoln on his mother’s side and signers of the Declaration and Constitution on the other. Nominated and placed into Who’s Who in 2020, Cary is an award-Winning Radio Host and consultant and founder of which features talent from Nobel Prize nominees to Pulitzer Prize-winning authors and speakers – offering their “insider” knowledge on a full range of life’s issues.


It was no mistake that former President Obama challenged Harrison to “do something to make a difference on today’s radio”. Using evidence-based news gathering, his daily 60 second Harrison’s Reality Check & CoronaLert acts as America’s ‘fake news clinic’ to ‘prevent truth decay’ and heal the social rifts of bigotry, inequality, and xenophobia with fact-based critical thinking. As a former news director, Cary Harrison created “Reality Bites”— satirical sound vignettes as the antidote to double-speak pop culture or political stories. Predictably, these thrust his Rock-n-Roll morning show into first place and the features (later called “Reality Checks”) onto CBS radio and into national syndication. Still skillfully deploying humor, Cary maneuvers in the vein of serious investigative journalism while coaxing the best from celebrities and political thinkers.

Broadcasting has taken him from top stations in Florida, Chicago, New York, and LA, including multiple national syndications and the pioneering of America’s first LGBTQ+ network morning show for SiriusXM’s, “OutQ”.

He then joined Air America, hosting a daily show in Los Angeles until later tapped by KPFK Public Radio for afternoons, then jumping to 300 stations with his branded Harrison’s Reality Checks & CoronaLerts

Awards: Millions have enjoyed Harrison’s free-range perspective, commentary and satire, earning him Vanderbilt University’s distinguished Siegenthaler Award for integrity, intelligence and courage in the field of journalism, the Sigma Delta Chi award—the highest honor bestowed for public service by the Society of Professional Journalists, and top honors—two years’ running—from American Women in Radio & Television for exposé reporting and investigative journalism.  Cary’s received 1st place honors for “Best Commentary” from the Associated Press, and was honored by the UN, the Mayor and City Council of West Hollywood/Los Angeles for his Environmental and Peace work. Also awarded by the LA Press Club for News coverage and was nominated for an Edward R. Murrow Award in Public Radio and was entered into Who’s Who in 2020.

| @goharrison

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