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When word got out that I had decided to “unretire” from my co-founder role at RIP Medical Debt to found Let’s Rethink This and had invited Dina Magnes to be a co-founder, interesting people showed up. “What’s the mission,” “What’s the goal,” and “How can I help?” Commissioned as “co-creators, they got down to business.

The LRT mission is both simple and complex: to search out (searchlight), feature (spotlight) and accelerate the awareness and growth of people and organizations who are meeting today’s challenges and coming up with solutions solutions destined to thought through seemingly intractable problems and are responding with solutions destined to produce serious/measurable positive social impact.

The LRT goal is to see these organizations get the attention and support they deserve, whether that be through funding, partnerships or recognition – the latter sometimes the most rewarding at early stages. Whatever their stage of development, our essential “ask” is that they intend to Go Big.

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